To Stop a Crew

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Stopping a crew is normally a last resort, and will generally only be used if there is a serious problem. If instructed to stop rowing, the crew involved must respond immediately to the instruction. If the crew has been stopped because it is in danger of hitting a permanent obstruction off the course 2-5-3e ("Obstruction, stop"), then it may restart once it has sorted its steering out. It it has been stopped for any other reason 2-5-4c ("Stop"), it may not restart.

NB If a crew fails to stop immediately when instructed to do so and continues to race, it is very likely to be disqualified when it finishes.

  • To stop a crew (not the whole race):
    • Raise the White Flag vertically,
    • Name the crew,
    • Give the command: "Stop", or "Obstruction. Stop".

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