Start Procedure - Rule 2-4-4

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The Starter will call competitors on to the start by first naming the crew, then their station / lane. Note that competitors must be attached and ready to race two minutes before race time. Late-comers are likely at least to be awarded an Official Warning, and may not be allowed to race. Be there on time; if you are likely to be delayed then get a message to the Starter as soon as you can.

Once the crews are aligned and straight, the start proceeds as follows:

  • The Starter will go through the roll-call, naming each crew in turn,
  • Pause,
  • The Starter will call "Attention",
  • Then slowly raise the Red Flag,
  • Pause,
  • The Starter says "Go", simultaneously dropping the Red Flag smartly to one side.
  • In the event of a false start, the Starter, Race Umpire and Aligner should all follow this procedure.

If the start has to be aborted for any reason after the Starter has raised the Red Flag, then the Starter will say "As you were", and slowly lower the Red Flag out of sight. When the Starter is ready to proceed, the start will resume from "Attention" (i.e. the call-over will not normally be repeated).

A slightly different procedure is used to start Masters races if a time handicap is being applied. Click here for details.

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