False Start Procedure

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  • In the event of a False Start (i.e. one or more crews beginning to row before the Starter has called "Go"), then any of the Key Race Officials at the start (Starter, Aligner, Race Umpire) may call a False Start using the following procedure (in this order).
    • Ring the bell,
    • Wave the Red Flag in a vertical semi-circular arc from shoulder to shoulder,
    • The crews may also be instructed to stop racing.

The crew that is judged to have caused the False Start will normally be awarded an Official Warning. Any crew that collects two Official Warnings in one race is disqualified. Official Warnings generally are not carried forward from race to race. If the False Start was not judged to have been caused by any of the crews (e.g. the boat may have slipped out of the stakeboat boy's grip) then no Official Warnings will be awarded.