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This list of UK clubs is periodically updated based on the comprehensive list on David Biddulph's website. The links below take you to the water safety section of that club's website; if there's no link, then I couldn't find an appropriate page (doesn't mean there isn't one, only that I couldn't find it!). Suggestion - these days virtually every Club's safety plan, navigation map etc. are in soft copy. Why not add them to your website?

So what purpose does this list serve? I continue to believe that Club Water Safety Advisers receive precious little support, in general, from the Powers That Be. Some clubs have very simple, effective and comprehensive water safety management systems. Others aren't so good. The only way clubs can hope to do something about this is to compare notes and share best practice. After all, the water safety issues we all have to deal with are in general very similar, so it's not rocket science to think that maybe a basic set of common practices would be sensible. Have a look at how other clubs are doing it, and if you think their approach makes sense, then adapt it for your club. If your club's material isn't up on your website, then sort it out, and email me a link.

Last updated 11 Nov 2007.