Honestly, we really aren't UK TV presenters

This page is dedicated to those people who don't appear to be able to read the various warnings on this site that we ARE NOT the UK TV presenters Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan.

From: [deleted]
Sent: 02 November 2004 11:34
Subject: Writing competition and your website

Hello there - Is this website for real? I can't tell if its the real Richard and Judys website or if it is run by a couple of anoraks who dream about wearing your clothes or something. Anyway if you want some help with your site (its a bit blue and it doesn't do a lot) contact [deleted] and he will revamp it.

However if this is really Rich and Ju I entered your write a novel competition at the very last minute with no idea of the rules or timescales or anything important I should know. Is it too much to ask if you received my entry entitled "OVER THE LIMIT" and details of when its all happening and if I will be hearing anything either way?

I am easy to contact either on this e-mail address or alternatively at [deleted]

I hope I hear from you and if this is not you and it is a couple of anoraks dressed up as Judy could you contact me anyway. You might be interested to know I won a competition on This Morning once and you could add it to your file of interesting facts about your idols.

From: [deleted]
Sent: 24 September 2004 19:29
Subject: Kernow

Dydh da,

Find your programme interesting. You seem worried about radio active fall out and contamination.

It would be hilariously funny if it were not so sad.

You worry about radio activity in London, but come to Kernow and steal our homes, did you not know we all live in radiation from the day we are born to the day we die. It has no effect on us Kernewek. Kills the greedy thieving Sowsnecks though.

Why do not you bring down a giga counter and see for yourselves, you will see all the clay is radio active, and the all the water, and all the clay dust which covers the whole of Kernow.

Do not believe me look for yourselves.
Kernow Bys Vyken

From: [email address deleted]
Date: 14 April 2003 18:30

Hi, ive been watching today's programme, I would just like to say, I lost my cap on the ride you have just shown at Thorne park. My mom has been watching aswell she's interested in the perfurm. Anyway could you say hello to [Deleted] watching. Thank you [Deleted]

From: "[Deleted]" [email address deleted]
Subject: abit unreasonable?!
Date: 16 February 2003 15:25

Dear Richard and Judy

I hear you wish for the video to T-A-T-U's soundtrack 'All The Things She Said' to be banned. Why is this so? It is no different than two people of the opposite sex to kiss on television or or for two men to b kissing. It certainly isn't even bordering on pornography! I realy do not understand why this certain video you have chosen. There are other endless videos with people kissing on them why now do you choose for this one to be banned?

I would simply like your reasons to help me understand and if possible a reconsideration. I honestly think this video may help people who prefer people of the same gender to them to come to terms twith it and show that it is OK! However, if either of you have a problem with the content of the video you are not very open minded. That happens all across the globe and a video isn't realy going to change anything either way.

This is not a critisisig or insulting email just another opinion I hope you will consider.

Yours Sincerely

Subject: Tatu
Dear Richard and Judy,
I fully support the banning of this record and any future one's. I cannot for the life of me understand why it has been allowed to get this far.

01 February 2003 10:38
Subject: Short Story Winners
As one of the thousands of people who sent in stories for your short story competition it was a terrible disappointment to find, on tuning to your programme on 28th January, that the 15 finalists had actually been chosen and were in the studio.
I am sure everyone else had hoped, as I had, that the 15 finalists would only be announced that evening giving all of us the thrill and anticipation of wondering if we had been chosen.
Instead we already knew who they were... and switched off in disgust.
This is not communicating the whining of a looser but the disappointment of someone:- who had looked forward to the thrill of finding out that evening whether or not his story had been chosen,

Regards [Deleted]
29 January 2003 16:55
Hi Can you please send me the address for sending in short stories. Iknow the closing date is this week.
Love the show, but do miss you on This Morning.

21 November 2002 20:40
Sorry just being sad and felt like seeing who had a site devoted to Richard and Judy. I haven't had a look round yet but this beats english essays.
No name given <Email address not supplied>
No town/city, No county/state, No country - 16:47:13 Saturday 22 September 2001
Saw the Graham Norton show tonight on TV and you pair were featured. Had a good laugh
Take care you two
[Deleted] <email address removed>
N.Ireland - 23:38:35 Saturday 15 September 2001
This is a good web site - we both terribly miss Richard and Judy. I have a good mind to go and see that Margaret Duffy but I can't get to London at the moment as I am off work poorly, she needs talking to especially as I really need Richard and Judy at the mo as I'm recuperating from a long term illness. The classic episode was when or whenever Lilly Savage was on the show aka paul o grady
[Deleted] <email address removed>
England - 01:28:31 Friday 14 September 2001
hi! see, people do come to your site (although it is because of graham northon that i'm here!)
k walker <Email address not supplied>
northern ireland - 20:06:21 Wednesday 24 January 2001
Dear Richard and Judy,

I am hoping you are the TV presenter couple.

I am writing to ask for assistance towards plastic surgery. There was one time on the programme where a lady phoned, saying she had a scar on her face and that you were going to help her to find out what can be done. I am in the same position, so I am asking if you could assist me.

Looking forward to your reply.

Yours faithfully,


Richard are you ever going to do runway again?
[Deleted] <email address removed>
england - 21:21:28 Sunday 01 July 2001

Sent: Monday, March 05, 2001 11:53 PM
Subject: missing the show in Canada

> Hi Richard and Judy,
> I just wanted to say that I have been here
> in Canada for 2 years and so far have not found any daytime show to
> rival yours.
> I do miss it especially now in the winter
> when it is very cold outside.
> Regards [Deleted]

My friends are having a greatlaugh at my expence as they think its not possible that you are intereested in my new project
I have been in the local news,the Star and Daily mail newspaper,and BBC Look East regarding my new caricatures of Charlie Dimnock Alan Titchmarsh and shortly Tommy Walsh.
The BBC local radio and tv have taken an interest but none of the commercial tv stations have shown any interest
My friends tell me that it would be the pinacle of my carreer if your programme took any interest but they think your company is not interested in getting a full and accurate version
What are you views?
My website is [Deleted] and the area of interest to all the media,so far,are my sculptoon range
[Deleted] <email address removed>
Northants - 23:11:32 Tuesday 20 February 2001
Re: programme week commencing 12/2/01 highlighting possible benefits of using a 'spray' under the tongue to possibly benefit people who suffer from Age Related Macular Degeneration - please advise the name of this spray and if, as stated, can be purchased from a dispensing chemist or is only available on prescription.


[Deleted] <email address removed>
UK - 21:31:00 Saturday 17 February 2001