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Let's make this quite clear for those few folk who get this far and still can't work it out. We are not UK TV presenters. We have no interest in that Richard and Judy whatsoever. This is not some kind of bizarre spoof fan site. If you do send any email to the address linked below, be advised that I may add it to this site (with names and email addresses suitably anonymised to protect your blushes).

So if you do want to send us an email, and remember we are NOT repeat NOT even remotely connected with those TV presenters, then use this link:

Richard & Judy (who really are NOT UK television presenters, honest).

I know there are umpteen dead links all over the site. I'm sorry about that. Perhaps one day I'll fix them, or perhaps not. This unimpressive website really isn't trying to be some alternative search engine; it's a random dumping ground of odds and ends I find useful. So thank you for your interest, but please don't send me emails with links to things YOU find interesting, or emails telling me that links are broken. I'll probably ignore them. Please understand that I treat unsolicited email as almost certainly being spam - as other people do.

Despite all the warnings that WE ARE NOT TV PRESENTERS we still get one of two loonies emailing us... follow me...

My Pet Email Hates

I hate junk mail, paper or electronic (spam). Don't you? We've all been "spammed" - junk emailed - at one time or other, so BEFORE you hit that "Forward" button stop and think. What wouldn't you do to stop the endless stream of junk (paper) mail coming through your letter box? But then, no-one actually copies and forwards junk mail, do they... at least not the paper sort. Anyway, here's my Top 10 email hates.

  1. Virus "warnings" - virtually all anonymous email virus "warnings" are hoaxes. Please don't foward them. But do check them out before doing anything drastic to your PC. There's a list of anti-virus software vendors' websites here, and you can find a list of the top ten viruses and hoaxes here (courtesy of Sophos).
  2. Emails in HTML format - it makes the email considerably larger than it needs to be. Plain text is fine thanks.
  3. Emails with big attachments (e.g. more than a few 10s of kilobytes) - please either compress it (e.g. using WinZip or the free, open-source 7-Zip), upload it to a website and send a link to it, or stick it on a floppy or CD and post it!
  4. Emailed jokes - it gets a bit dull receiving dozens of copies of the same joke, no matter how funny it was the first time.
  5. Untrimmed emails - please snip any forwarded emails down to leave just the important bits.
  6. Please know how to find, and use, the "bcc" field.
  7. Think before hitting the "reply to all" button - does everyone really need a reply?
  8. Double-check the distribution list of any email you are thinking of forwarding - perhaps I've already seen it?
  9. Chain letters / money making schemes - no-one really falls for these, do they?
  10. Did I say Top 10? I must have meant Top 9. has even more useful and sensible email advice. They have a list of 32 email tips in case the ten above weren't enough! Do visit it and maybe you will agree with some of it too.